The end has come for me to change mobile phone. But, as always, faithful to the line… faithful to Europe, faithful to Nokia.

I replaced my old E51 hoping to find something new and better from every point of view. Actually the best viewpoints there are, but not as many as I expected. Despite the speed, key quality and materials, the new symbian sometimes think I would return back to dear old Nokia 6230 I stole three years ago…

But that's another story…

Let's move on now to the Guide on how to disassemble the newcomer Nokia E52.


  • Torx Screwdriver
  • Screwdriver
  • Pick or other object made of plastic and resistant to the joints of the cover

1. Removing front cover

First you must remove the two cross-head screws are accessible after removing the battery

Nokia E52 Disassembling procedure
Now comes the more delicate task of dismantling all the phone. Covered by metal frame there are a series of joints that are pushed inwards to allow the cover to come out. I used a pick to get it.

ATTENTION: to remove the cover after removing all the joints need to enlarge gently the sides of the frame around the keyboard.

In the gallery below you can see the entire procedure that I followed. In the last picture are visible all the joints of the frame of the cover.


(Alternatively, You can remove cover and keyboard simultaneously… you see after)

2. Keyboard removal

Using a flat-tip screwdriver you will need to insert into the small inlet (always visible from the back of the phone) to remove the keyboard. (Actually there are two catches but, Once you have removed the first, remove the other will be much easier)

Nokia E52 tastiera

The opening I was talking about

Nokia E52 rimozione tastiera

Nokia E52 Fermo tastiera

Here's the catch that, Once removed, you see good side

The keyboard, at the bottom of the phone, It is also holding firm to a simple sticker.

3. Removing the Display Bezel with Flat keypad and Speakerphone

Now serves the torx screwdriver for the four screws.

Nokia E52 Flat Keyboard

Helping you with the pick or screwdriver remove the plastic frame joint.

Careful not to pull too hard or you risk breaking the ribbon cable….

Nokia E52 smontaggio

Flat keyboard

From this picture are visible the ribbon cable, the voice speaker, and the motherboard ....


At this point we need to disconnect the cables from their connectors. Just gently pull, before that of the display, then the keyboard.

Flat cable Display Nokia

Same thing goes for the third connector (the board of the slot for the SIM card and Memory Card)

Nokia e52 disassembly instructions

4. Motherboard

At this point can be removed the motherboard from the back cover.

Nokia E52 Mainboard removal

Here's what it looks like.

The Display is glued to the card, you have to pull a little’ and pry sides to remove it.

The Microphone I circled, is what is used for noise reduction. Here Nokia I believe has made a big mistake to place it so close to the main…. That's why noise reduction isn't as efficient as it should, Indeed, sometimes affects call quality.

Nokia E52 Scheda Madre Microfono

Nokia E52 Microfono principale

Here's the main microphone across the Board.

Videocamera Nokia E52

The camera of the Nokia E52 can be removed and replaced

5. Back Cover, Speaker and Sim slots

At the top we see the speaker, the power button (at the Center), and an antenna bianca (Maybe the bluetooth).

Nokia E52 Altoparlante

In the lower part, Instead, There is the card with the Sim slots, Micro SDHC, and the battery for the clock. (in the photo has already been removed)

Nokia E52 Slot Sim



Here's all the parts to the complete. :-)

Nokia E52 Parts

  1. Alberto (Reply) the 26 May, 2015

    My E52 if you turn on just makes a vibration and then nothing happens… could it be the motherboard? It's hard to replace? Thank you

  2. ganhar tanned non-facebook (Reply) the 9 August, 2014

    Very good !

  3. Sindu (Reply) the 23 July, 2014

    How much will it cost to replace the display of e52. My screen display is ruined completely.
    Please advice on this

  4. paolo (Reply) the 9 October, 2013

    My e52 switches on both, It is accessible via usb, but the screen dark rhyme. The characters are realized only.
    You can try to replace the display?

  5. Pasquale (Reply) the 23 July, 2013

    Hello congratulations for the Guide….I have a problem with my nokia and 52 aside from the fact that I find it difficult to turn it on but I think it's the power button because when I push the cell from vibration shock but doesn't start then pressing better turns on ...the other problem is that the radio does not work anymore…When I turn it on headphones and speaker you only hear a rustle…Even changing station the problem is always the same….I hope I can help…

    • erkinson (Reply) the 3 August, 2013

      Try to reset the phone. To bring it back to factory settings. Or to do a Hard Reset (but then you'd have to reinstall everything completely, including the nokia store…)

  6. Marco (Reply) the 16 June, 2013

    Hello Erkinson,

    My E52 has the camera not working.
    When I select opens for a moment and then I have a error message that invites me to reboot the phone…..How can I fix it?

    Thank you!!!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 17 June, 2013

      Tried to do a restore initial settings and a hard reset?? (you will lose all data on your phone, though)

  7. Nicola Bulzacchelli (Reply) the 4 June, 2013

    I followed the instructions for replacing the lcd screen and it works, I have a problem now: the phone no longer has the field, No reception. What happened?Thank you

  8. Gamolo (Reply) the 13 November, 2012

    Hello! I bought a used e52 but there are cross-shaped 2vitine that hold the front cover and on the internet did not find.
    can you tell me what kind of screws are? or if I can buy another cell of the Eseries who maybe are equal ?? (I found those type of E71 E55 etc..)

    Thanks a lot

    • erkinson (Reply) the 18 November, 2012

      Unfortunately I'm not able to help you… But I think the E55 screws are the same, given that the two phones are almost identical apart from the keyboard.

      • gim (Reply) the 19 January, 2013

        in my nokia e 52 have stopped working the buttons above and the numbers work what can I do to make them reoperation??

        • erkinson the 5 February, 2013

          Took of the water?
          You could try to change the keyboard (not the outside, the inner) but it is not said that you solves the problem. If you have damaged the tiny chip that controls the keyboard you can not do anything…

  9. Kiakka (Reply) the 13 November, 2012

    I tried to install the latest application of Viber on my E52, but always gives me download failed.
    Why, even though I downloaded from nokia store version for my e52, viber doesn't turn on?
    Thank you

    PS: Thanks to your instructions I was able to return my new e52. ;-P

    • erkinson (Reply) the 18 November, 2012

      Unfortunately for Viber cannot help you because I never tried Viber I more E52 to prove it… Sorry.

  10. domenico (Reply) the 4 September, 2012

    bravo and congratulations !
    Very useful !
    Sin do the E52

  11. Bruno (Reply) the 21 August, 2012

    A Tip If you crash into the water your phone: immediately clean the battery (to try to avoid short circuits) and leave it in a bowl with rice for at least 12:0 (Rice absorbs moisture). In this way I was able to retrieve a nokia fell in water…

  12. Mara (Reply) the 30 June, 2012

    Hello, I have a big problem with it 52: I went off and will not turn on anymore I have tried a new battery, but it is the same. The problem is that i need the n. directories that are on your phone. How can I do? The screen is getting dark, you don't see anything! HELP!!!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 1 July, 2012

      Unfortunately there is nothing to do… If the phone will not turn on there is no way to retrieve phone numbers. Have you tried to connect it to your pc to see if it is detected in Flash mode?

  13. Alexander (Reply) the 31 May, 2012

    Hello! A little question about replacing the speaker capsule where you hear the voice: There is no need of new adhesive including's front or is jointed at the rear? All speakers that I find on ebay have nothing to fix… Thank you!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 5 June, 2012

      Theoretically, when you close the phone would crash… But if you can remove the adhesive from the old one or to use any you would be better…

  14. paolo (Reply) the 24 May, 2012

    Hello! excellent guide shows I must say…congratulations! I wanted to ask you for advice: just now I discovered that he had lost the silver button on the ignition, and now to turn it on or turn it off I have to use a pencil with mine…How can I retrieve the key? Thank you!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 30 May, 2012

      I think you can only do that by buying the cover on ebay… I don't think sell only that little button…

  15. rubel (Reply) the 21 May, 2012

    Dear erkinson,
    thanks for your useful guide.

    I have problem in my phone’s Earpiece . During call, the sound is not clear. Example of sound quality: if the radio is not tuned in proper channel, then the sound comes which is as like my phone!

    I had put a vaccum cleaner pipe on my earpiece to clean the dust, after then the sound quality improves for only 2 minutes.
    I think something is loose tigthen inside the phone…

    Now i am waiting for your suggestion regarding this issue.
    Plz reply…

    • erkinson (Reply) the 22 May, 2012

      I think you need to replace your earpiece… You can find it on ebay for 4-5 euro. But before that, try to reset your phone and reinstall last firmware… Try to blow in the earpiece and then use again the vacuum cleaner…
      if nothing, replace it.

  16. Giuliano PN (Reply) the 23 March, 2012

    Hello very useful explanation! My E52 has an immoderate all speaker that x person listening all other line tel x instance. She feels bad and cmq you feel very low side even with the volume at max! The phone works well but is stopped li, always access, Home call is impossible precisely because I feel the fatigue I person speaks during a call!! I can do? You can replace the speaker? And where I can find at reasonable cost? Thank you ;)

    • erkinson (Reply) the 24 March, 2012

      The speaker is easily replaceable and its cost is really minimal. If you feel down (and not bad) actually you can first try cleaning (After removing the front cover) the black membrane which protects it from dust the inside of the phone. I had happened with E51 that become dirty and determined a low call volume.

  17. saba (Reply) the 11 March, 2012

    Excellent guide
    My Nokia E52 and’ finished in water
    I proceeded to dry it with compressed air and then kept on a radiator to dry before attempting to turn it on.
    Everything’ not’ served, the phone will not turn on what do I do to make it tips to share?
    Thank you

    • erkinson (Reply) the 11 March, 2012

      Unfortunately if you have not departed I doubt there is how to restart it. You never know which component is gone in short (and almost surely is not only one.)
      Usually, in for service, do not take them even consider phones that have signs of oxidation. If your phone is under warranty, and it is been a long time I suggest the same to jump to a Nokia Center to see if the problem is fixable…
      Otherwise, at most you overcharged some spare parts for other phones….

      • saba (Reply) the 27 May, 2012

        portato in assistenza ma non c’e’ stato niente da fare.Non recuperabile 200 euro finiti in acqua.

  18. FIORELLA (Reply) the 27 February, 2012

    My e52 does not ignite more writes to me.. CANNOT START PHONE. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER ……. What can be? Thanks a lot

    • erkinson (Reply) the 27 February, 2012

      There was a software problem of some sort. You can do this to try to operate the phone but you will lose all data currently present in your phone (sms, photos, videos, recordings.)

      This is the HARD RESET the phone back to initial conditions (those marks, so to speak).

      A phone off hold down GREEN BUTTON more most ASTERICK BUTTON 3 and simultaneously turn on the phone. Release the buttons only when you will hear the sound of power.
      If eseuigrai the operation correctly your phone should ask you date and time.

  19. pab (Reply) the 14 December, 2011

    Good narration,article and gallery.

  20. luca (Reply) the 5 November, 2011

    really accurate… But I removed the keyboard along with top cover.

  21. armando (Reply) the 13 October, 2011

    complimenti x driving !!
    I was a great help!!
    a good make

  22. Aljosa (Reply) the 4 October, 2011

    Thank you very much for this guide. I’ve broken my LCD display and had to change it. Also I had to replace housing of my Nokia e52. With the help of this guide i was able to change it all by myself.

    Thank you !!!