This is an exclusive de “The Disassembler”

I decided just to complete my outfit with a new camera and I came across this fantastic Panasonic Lumix LX3 contrary to my obsession pro-Canon said.
And I'm loving it.
But like all love stories, at one point, you have to disassemble and replace… to make them last forever.

Invitation to talk.

Camera body.

In order to enter to the heart of jaren unscrew all screws “visible”. AND’ important to note that the screws are not all equal… but Panasonic engineers haven't missed anything: each set of screws was marked with a different color.
In the gallery below you can see how.


But despite we have unscrewed all screws “visible” also trying to pull the back of the machine just won't want to know come out. In fact there are four screws “hidden” in flash connector and optical viewfinder (a still different measure). To pull it off, you can use a screwdriver or a coupon a little’ stiff. We must be careful not to pull the plug, Anyway, because it is connected to the Board with a flat not very durable.


At this point you can pull off with the back of the machine. Always carefully because of the flat, but those of the LCD this time (a flat for the image and one for the light).


To remove the flat you have to raise the black sticks close both connectors (the small and the large one). Then to remove the LCD from the camera body to be removed from the slide the two points that hold anchored.


Top with flash

At this point we can concentrate on the motherboard. There are many flat and only two screws. Screws and flat we can pull away (with some attention because of the hooks that serve to link the machine to Choker) the upper part with the commands and flash. Care must be taken not to discover flash contacts because if load still could be damaged and download all the accumulated electricity on you?!!?

Lumix LX£ motherboard

Lumix LX3 motherboard

Lumix LX3 motherboard

LX3 - Motherboard

Now we can remove the flash… Note the connector on the right that is not a flat!?!

Panasonic Lumix Flash

Lumix Lx3 flash

Flash and top with commands


Since we had already unscrewed the two screws (the white and blue) and removed all the flat we have another task before you can remove the motherboard: It should be noted that the card is stuck in a small plastic section… so just push it slightly upwards and then pull it towards us.

Panasonic Lumix LX3 (1)

Panasonic Lumix LX3 (2)

Panasonic Lumix LX3 scheda

Motherboard of Panasonic Lumix LX3

Battery Compartment

And we are the last guy (still no ...) of lives that will meet. It is characterized by no color but it is easy to recognize as the longest among those so far encountered. Located in the inlet marked in pictures. Removed the battery compartment can be removed easily.

Lumix lx3

Vano batteria Lumix

Battery Lumix

CCD and optical

At this point we are facing at the heart of the Lumix LX3. Here in addition to remove it from the machine body have not been able to disassemble the optics ne to see this famous 1/1.63 CCD″ larger than the other compact CCD because there is a strange star screw (a little’ How to reverse a torx) I didn't how to disassemble….

Below I put a image gallery of CCD and electronic parts of the motherboard.


###Any questions or comments in the comments are open to all ###

###You can download high-resolution images (3Megapixels) here ###

Download Pictures

  1. For (Reply) the 22 September, 2014

    Thanks for publishing this! I just managed to fix my LX3 after dropping it. One of the connectors on the motherboard had come loose.

    I don’t think I would have found the screws under the hot shoe without this.

  2. Peter (Reply) the 17 September, 2014

    I have a leica d-lux 2 identical to a lumix lx1, is a blurry picture on the left side, I noticed that the lens when it is outside moves around 1/2 and when it is in rest position and the machine squote feels something moving I don't know if it's a normal thing.
    Do you think there is something to tighten or replace the optics.
    Thanks Peter

  3. eugeteo (Reply) the 21 May, 2014

    Nice tutorial, fantastic, Indeed. I actually wondered if you can get them to optics without removing everything: a bit of tobacco has slipped below the outer lens glass and is supported in, on the lens. So on all photos now there is a grey spot…How do I remove this devilish retractable lens only??

  4. Sergio Vidal (Reply) the 4 September, 2013

    Thank you !! I was able to repair my lx3 thank you.
    Thanks again , a greeting!!

  5. Mary (Reply) the 30 March, 2013

    I have a Lumix DMC-FX150 that has a defective lcd screen. I could still take photos but couldn’t view them on the screen. I opened the camera and found that the smaller ribbon cable was broken and the larger one was disconnected. I may have disconnected the larger one by mistake when opening the camera, as it stuck at first. I wonder if someone could tell me what the smaller ribbon cable is for. I’ve found a you tube video that shows me how to replace the lcd and I’ve located the part. But it doesnt seem to have the second smaller cable with it. I’d like to know what that actually does. If someone could help, I’d appreciate it.

  6. Roberto (Reply) the 2 January, 2013

    I have a Panasonic Lumix LX3 which doesn't work (take the picture but do not see the image on the screen, the picture is stored on memory SK) who can give me an address for a reliable and honest repairman.
    Zona Milano e provincia.
    Thank you

  7. mario (Reply) the 3 September, 2012


    I had unfortunately a sand infiltration in optics! I'm desperate! Were you able to find torx wrench for the bolt? you say you can?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 5 September, 2012

      I then tried and tried (also because I no longer have the camera)… But thinking of the other cameras and lenses that I removed then it may be that there is no need to unscrew the three screws holding the sensor only. Maybe you can try to remove everything else very carefully.

  8. mark (Reply) the 22 June, 2012

    I'm more than sure,It is not the battery…I also tried with another…and weird,that occasionally,you turn ,I use it for a few minutes,then turns off…It gives me no errors,When it comes on…I tried to buy one,with the broken display,or broken goal…but don't get on.Thank you

    • erkinson (Reply) the 27 June, 2012

      Unfortunately I can't help you… not found on the internet an error type as your… 9. you can only contact a Panasonic Service Center.

  9. mark (Reply) the 14 June, 2012

    Thx. very usefull. "i still have a question for you,if you can help me. "when i put the battery,the red light on the front is shining. even if it is closed.and does nothing,no matter if it is open or close ... thanks,and excuse my english

    • erkinson (Reply) the 20 June, 2012

      Unfortunately I do not know what may be due… It could be that the battery is ruined??? You have to try another?

  10. edy m (Reply) the 23 May, 2012

    great tutorial- thank you very much !

  11. Jim (Reply) the 19 May, 2012

    Salut Erkinson
    j'ai un problème de zoom bloqué two à un choc ( l'appareil et tombé sur le sol à hauteur de 1 m…

    Après démontage (2x) the problem persists
    the zoom s'est bloqué après un aller retour.

    I have disassembled the zoom motor then that the engine gear wheel was no longer in the gorges of the other wheel.
    I wonder what should be the position of the zoom (output or return) before assembling the engine.
    There - it a position accurate to observe that the device initializes correctly at the start ?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 22 May, 2012

      There isn't a precise position for the zoom… The important thing is that every room is in the right place, so when you start up the camera it automatically retract and eject zoom properly.

      I have a question for you: What screwdriver did you use?

      • Jim (Reply) the 29 May, 2012

        I use precision screwdrivers

        que puis-je faire ?
        I reassembled again the Lumix LX3 with care,
        The first marketing, the lens comes out and stays in position out
        and then triggering messages “remove the lens cap and press any key” .
        que faire ?

        • erkinson the 30 May, 2012

          Seems that the zoom doesn't extend 'till the end… Something, in the inner parts, could block its movement.

  12. Thomas (Reply) the 28 March, 2012

    ich habe eine LX3 gestern aufgab die den Geist. Alles funktioniert, ausser das er kein neues Bild auf den Display anzeigt. Nur die Bilder ab der Speicherkarte sowie die Menü Info erscheinen auf den Display. Ist der Bild-Chip defekt? oder was könnte das sein?
    Thank you

    • erkinson (Reply) the 29 March, 2012

      Could be an optical problem (a faulty shutter) or a electrical problem (a faulty CCD)…

  13. Ginger (Reply) the 19 February, 2012

    I need to clean the lens at the front as there is something causing it not to extend properly, do you get to the lens via the front screw or would I just follow the above instructions

    • erkinson (Reply) the 19 February, 2012

      Unfortunately, I have no such facility. You need to unscrew that strange screws you see above (on the rear part of the lens module)…
      I don’t know what type they are…

  14. Matthew Dresser (Reply) the 14 February, 2012

    Hi There!
    I don’t suppose you have any advice for doing the same to a LX5 by any chance?
    I need to get at the sensor on mine, but can’t figure out how to remove those ribbon cables from the back panel – the connectors on the main circuit board seem to be different to the LX3 :-(

  15. Anson (Reply) the 29 September, 2011

    my lx3 shutter, direction button,, af/aelock, focus and the display button is not functioning, do you have idea how to reset or fix it?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 30 September, 2011

      Maybe the camer took some water???

  16. Juraj Simic (Reply) the 27 September, 2011

    Great guide! My lx3 at the moment can only focus really close up, but anything further than 10-15cm away doesn’t work. Admittedly it has been to hell and back in the last year. any idea if that is purely optical fault that could be resolved with cleaning of the lens barrel or…?
    Sending it off to be serviced makes little sense as for a little more money i could get the new model..

    • erkinson (Reply) the 28 September, 2011

      Maybe could be a mechanical problem of the focus system….. But you need to disassemble the whole optical unit… and I don’t know what screwdriver could help you, as I written in the post…

  17. navroz (Reply) the 16 August, 2011

    no, my hands were dry.

  18. navroz (Reply) the 14 August, 2011

    thanks for this description of how to disassemble – very useful!
    quick query. after removing hidden screws and back panel i no longer have power to the camera. i have reassembled but still no power/ do you have any idea what may have happened?
    thank again!

  19. Barrailla (Reply) the 30 April, 2011

    J’ai un lx1. l’ecran n’affiche plus les images en mode photo. Lorsque je prend une photo elle est bien sûr toute noire. par contre je peux visualiser des photos déjà prises. Avez vous une idée de cette panne. Merci d’avance pour vos conseils.

  20. Maneesh (Reply) the 16 April, 2011

    My Panasonic LX5 got soaked in water. Right now it is not powering up. Is there a possibility to dis-assemble it just like the LX3 shown in wonderful detail here and get it working after drying its internals

    • erkinson (Reply) the 17 April, 2011

      It is possible to disassemble it… The procedure should be similare to the one you see in this post with some differences. But I Thinks it is almost impossible that your camera come back alive… Water is the worst enemy! Let me know if you need some help.

  21. cyril (Reply) the 1 April, 2011

    thanks a lot for this great website, very well illustrated and detailled explanations for dismantling the LX3. I have a few questions, sadly I dropped my LX3 and the only thing that broke is somewhere in the mechanism for the zoom, as we don’t see this part in your explanations, I was wondering if you managed to reached it or is it behind that strange screw?


    • erkinson (Reply) the 3 April, 2011

      It is behind the mechanism. :-( Strange screws = secrets?!?! Eheh

  22. Artaxerxès (Reply) the 5 March, 2011


    Excellent job : how could I find the 4 hidden screws in order to replace the broken LCD of my beloved LX3 ?
    I found on e-bay S&F electronics, based in LIVORNO (Italia) : do you think they cansupply safely a new LCD for my LX3 ?

    Thank you !


    • erkinson (Reply) the 8 March, 2011


      The four hidden screws as you can see in snapshots are under the flash/viewfinder connector.

      I think S&F Electronic could ship LCD everywhere but you should contact them directly to know costs and handling times.

  23. frank788 (Reply) the 2 January, 2011

    this highlevel helpfully article saved the life of my lx3!!
    almost smashed my camera instead to fix it, because i was to stupid to find the four hidden screws!!

    Thank you!!

  24. rcflyrodeo (Reply) the 26 December, 2010

    Very detailed and impressive description, I’ve been looking for such an article for month. If you could help me with some extra details I would be very thankful. My main target is using an Lx3 for RC aerial photoes and it would be nice to remote control the shutter zoom and other buttons. Therefore the electric contacts of these buttons have to be brought outside. Do you see any possibility so solder some thin wires there? Or could you send me some extra detailed photoes about how the control buttons are connected to the main board?

    Thanks in advance

    check my videos on:

    • erkinson (Reply) the 26 December, 2010

      I’ve sent you an email. :-)

      • CenTexFlyer (Reply) the 26 September, 2011

        I know you sent rcflyrodeo an email concerning his question to bring the shutter contacts to the outside. Could you fill us in on whether it’s possible or not?