Among the list of things that I removed was missing the call a Terminal android and even a Sony Ericsson. So I got two birds with one stone :-).

I have changed hands this little smartphone Xperia X 8 It should be low-midrange (and plastics that is built, you see) but it has a respectable hardware.

Despite the plastics used are not well-made I cannot congratulate Sony Ericsson for the way he assembled. There are only five screws and a few highly visible joint for easy disassemble any phone.
And the thing can only come in handy in case there is to replace any component.


1. Remove back Cover and access to motherboard.

Once removed the battery-there is situated in front of the black cover that is held firm by five screws (There are four torx and a cross black). The upper right tab is used to block the usb port cover.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Disassembling

Xperia Disassembling

Once you unscrew all the screws you have to push with a screwdriver plastic parts (are just two in the lower part, a on the one hand and on the other).

AND’ must you remove the Micro SD card would not cover comes off.

Xperia X8 Disassembling

Smontare Xperia X8

In the upper right corner you can see the audio speaker.


2. Removing Front cover Digitizer (touch)

Here things get complicated a bit '… but it's still all very simple. First you must remove the front cover joints. I pushed a little’ outward from the usb port and then with a pick I extracted from the side the portion of the cover that you see in the picture.

Xperia X8 Disassembling

Xperia X8 Disassembling

ATTENTION: At this point we need to gently move the cover rotating from the top. Before it goes up the display (that is idle only by two plastic parts on the sides) in order to access the portion of the motherboard where the flat cable connectors.

Display Xperia X8

Xperia X8 Digitizer

Here is the plastic part that holds the display on the motherboard

Flat Xperia X8

Here are the display cables and the Touch

Below I show how they should be placed to remove connectors and flat cables. AND’ important to note that the display cable is also glued (weakly) to the motherboard, so it should be pulled with some’ for a decision.

Xperia Flat Digitizer

Xperia Flat Display LCD


3. Voice Speaker removal

Hidden by a black film that I think will serve to protect it from dust

Xperia X8 Altoparlante voce

4. Webcam module removal

In the absence of a specific tool definitely provided support to centres to better manage. Virtually all languages must push outward metal (I used a Swiss army knife) and then pull out.

It should be noted that there is a small plastic extension that indicates the direction in which it should be reassembled. (If you are wrong you have to throw away).

Xperia X8 Webcam

Xperia X8 Webcam 2

And here we have removed everything that one could remove….

Xperia X8 Parts (parti)



Aggiugno some pictures out of curiosity….

Xperia X8 Sensor

These two should be the proximity sensors and brightness ....

Remember to put this small white plastic part is needed to operate the three buttons below the display!!!

  1. manish (Reply) the 2 June, 2017

    sir i need jumpher for x8 screen because i loose some prints from pcb board

  2. thomas (Reply) the 11 May, 2017

    hi. can you please tell me if you know where i can buy connector for digitizer? i am looking for connector which is on mobo and connects mobo with digitizer

  3. Francisco (Reply) the 2 April, 2015

    Where is what is supposed to be that it would be the antenna?? It is the glue that carries on the supewrioer of the housing? Thanks compi!! a crack!!

  4. Francisco (Reply) the 31 March, 2015

    I have bought the front housing and it brings a black sticker,but no me fio take it off or not if it breaks or not can be removed?? Thank you machine!!

  5. Tamara (Reply) the 19 December, 2014

    Hello I can help? I am changing the display of a xperia type, and when you get the trabita put the new display and get lock the display exits do the plate is ruined ?

  6. dinesh (Reply) the 24 November, 2014

    i replaced my sony ericsson xperia x8 charger port, but now i cant hear sound from front speak.andalso sensers are not working. plzz hlp me.

  7. xperia (Reply) the 17 April, 2014

    hi, can you help me?, i try to change my xperia x8 display and tuchscreen and when I done I turn my phone, he turn on because he vibrates but display only gray light and nothing else, what can I do now? please help..

  8. 0mar (Reply) the 25 August, 2013

    Help…!!! I disassembled my sony xperia x 8 xkè I didn't feel well, I saw that there was dust on the retina of the speaker, now I have reinstalled but no longer works the touch screen…!!!
    The beauty is that before it worked everything perfectly (to feel a little down doors), now it turns on but it makes me not even unlock the keypad or turn it off, practically I disassembled alone more or less following these instructions, the only thing I have not removed the cross-slotted screw.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 7 September, 2013

      It is important that you have reconnected properly the digitizer flat cable. Very important is also that you have folded the cord to break it. Try to disassemble the phone and take a look.

  9. Camilla (Reply) the 1 August, 2013

    Hello, I have a sony xperia go and think I've broken liquid crystals because sea water! You can replace them?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 3 August, 2013

      I fell in the water the phone? Because if so I don't think the problem is only liquid crystals but any phone.

  10. Christian (Reply) the 26 April, 2013

    Solved … was the display .

    But now I am having network problems.. AND’ possible that removing and remounting the phone has damaged the antenna ?? Where is the antenna for receiving the internet ? I don't find the 3 g network … Maybe is a little sensor from dust ?

    Thank you in advance our dear disassembler for this excellent tutorial ..


  11. Gerardo (Reply) the 10 April, 2013

    Hola, My problem is that the power button is locked and is tight, as a result it appears always shutdown of the phone menu, and when I take the battery and place it again, turn on only. You can solve this? I.e., It is possible to replace the button with a new one? Gracias.

  12. Christian (Reply) the 4 January, 2013

    Unfortunately I tried to take it apart but removing the Orange cables I had broken something.. I sent the photos via email .. If you can give us a look and tell me if it is normal or not.. Thank you . Hello

    • Christian (Reply) the 30 January, 2013

      I haven't broken anything .. It was only removed one of two orange connectors that stop the flat cables .. The phone seems to work but has no illumination. The battery light also works but the screen is completely black. If I turn it on under a strong lamp can glimpse the logo of 3 at startup and pressing the frets of the cell I see light (with fix) writing in the display for a few seconds the backlight. It seems as if it is playing some bulb acknowledged that there is. I am undecided whether to order a new display ..

      • erkinson (Reply) the 7 February, 2013

        On the display there are small LEDs that give the backlight… But obviously I contatterei before the seller perr esprgli the problem.

  13. GianlucaRimini (Reply) the 30 December, 2012

    I had the same problem with my wife's xperia x 8 . One morning I turned on and black screen . The battery light works and cell seems to work because it vibrates and rings but the screen is completely black. I tried to open it but I'm afraid to do damage.
    You will be burned something think or say that you can recover ?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 3 January, 2013

      Might just have cracked the display… but without a spare to try you can not be sure.

  14. Christian (Reply) the 27 December, 2012

    Good Evening ………. Rieccomi here x my son x 8 .. Christmas has passed but as a gift I would ask kindly another tip..

    My Sony Ericsson was reborn after the replacement of the display and completely normal until this morning .. I turn the cell after a long charging and puff all black .

    The phone works and also works the touch because they failed to respond to calls by the Dino but didn't see anything. You will be disconnected the lucetta ? Burned ? Where are the led or lighting cables ? The phone light indicating the battery funzionama the screen is all black..


    • erkinson (Reply) the 3 January, 2013

      It's just the backlight not working? To check this, try to illuminate the display with a strong light source…
      Otherwise try to disassemble and reassemble your display to see if it is disconnected…

      • Christian (Reply) the 7 January, 2013

        Did .. You putting it under a strong light see written but lacks lighting …

        What should I do ? Help me you

        • erkinson the 18 January, 2013

          Try to disassemble and reassemble the phone to see if something happened to the cable that you put you… on which you had doubts… Also because the backlight is easier to manage the image itself… Usually the first damage that it generates is completely white but display illuminated…

  15. Emanuele (Reply) the 17 December, 2012

    Yesterday I fell the cell. faces, the touch works but the screen is completely gone, do not see anything, can I buy an item like this (
    and follow your very clear indications?
    Thank you


  16. falco (Reply) the 30 November, 2012

    thanks x the info

  17. falco (Reply) the 27 November, 2012

    Hi with his kindness will I know if you can change the usb connector from the motherboard broke the legs and I should change the disassembled but I only noticed 2 welds in the above sottoinvece I see 4 plus a red resin spiecie the end thanks

    • erkinson (Reply) the 28 November, 2012

      Unfortunately you can not replace the USB connector without an infrared welder. You should bring to force the phone into a specialized service centre.

  18. gulineli (Reply) the 10 November, 2012

    olá o meu esta dando os x ticks na tela as vezes fica apaga semanas sem funcionar e depois volta ao normal oq pode ser ?????
    deis de ja obrigado

    • erkinson (Reply) the 12 November, 2012

      Could you write in english, please?

  19. Christian (Reply) the 20 September, 2012



  20. Christian (Reply) the 20 September, 2012

    I have a screw in replacement of too :) . The small black screw where he went ? Gulp perhaps close to webcam

  21. aman goel (Reply) the 17 September, 2012

    my x8 camera is not working …..i think the camera module is not working …..nd it is not available nearby me …..where can i get it ???? nd how much its costs me??

  22. Christian (Reply) the 8 September, 2012

    Email with picture sent .. You have come ?

    In practice the old display that I removed was say glued to the Panel / the frame was and wondered if the new that I'm going to mount it I just put on and then secure with the small screws or Assembly if I lock it or fit it to the frame I ..

    • erkinson (Reply) the 10 September, 2012

      Photo coming…
      I just place and then secure it with the screws and all the rest of the phone…

  23. Christian (Reply) the 1 September, 2012

    new problem :((( the new display consists 2 layers.. a black screen above and below by a grey Panel but are disconnected as opposed to the original which I removed.. The black film and the Panel is attached only by a data cable.. but I can replace it ? or do I have to paste or lock in any way ? uf

    • erkinson (Reply) the 1 September, 2012

      Can you take a picture or video and upload it to show me??

      • Christian (Reply) the 2 September, 2012

        and where the load ? If I could add you somewhere .. nn sò on facebook or skype or msn .. I look forward to your mail … control

        • erkinson the 5 September, 2012

          If you can't use a site like imageshack you can send it to EMAIL DELETED

  24. Christian (Reply) the 1 September, 2012

    Hello excuse.. I'm dedicating disassembly of my little x 8 .. I understand one thing ; I have to replace the broken display, so I have to disassemble the display just ? I'm afraid to unplug the display cable.. (that plastic) that nn capisco cosa represent those leads in plastic.. Perhaps for the cell light .. Confermami I have to disconnect the display cables only (the cable) . Reattach it is simple ?
    Thanks in advance.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 1 September, 2012

      Certain, You must remove only the display part. Everything else is not needed.
      Disconnect and plug the cord is not complicated… After doing so you will realize yourself.

  25. daltzorne (Reply) the 28 July, 2012

    Holaa felicitaciones por la guía! a mi la pieza del conector usb or cargador if aberio a conector por lo cual no carga y no puedo usar pc Companion. esa pieza intercambiable/tengo que es cambiar toda la placa!!!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 28 July, 2012

      You can reaplce it only with specific equipment (specific solder). You need to go to a service center, I suppose.

  26. saraj (Reply) the 25 July, 2012

    i want to buy this from where to buy this in india plz tell me its very urgent.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 28 July, 2012

      I'm sorry. I don't know it. I couldn't help you.

  27. Clarisse (Reply) the 13 July, 2012


    J'ai fait tomber mon sony ericsson the touche et de mise sous tension fonctionne plus donc peut plus l' b or l' éteindre...;
    And t-il a moyen pour le rallumer?


    • erkinson (Reply) the 15 July, 2012

      There's no way to unlock your phone?? Maybe the digitizer broke up… you need to replace it.

  28. jcfarza (Reply) the 28 June, 2012

    Hello, my cell phone got wet, and the battery no longer works, I wiped the phone and changed the battery with a compatible battery, and began to run well for a couple of weeks, but I forgot it for a week at home and the battery was completely downloaded and now it won't turn on even with charged battery.
    Is my cel arrangement?
    I thank in advance for your answer.

    hi, my phone got wet, and the battery no longer works, wiped the phone and changed the battery with a compatible and began to work well for a couple of weeks, but I forgot for a week at home and the battery is fully discharged and now does not turn on even with the battery charged.
    my cel is hopeless?
    I appreciate your answer.

    Hello, il mio telefono ha bagnato, e la batteria non funziona più, si asciugò il telefono e ha cambiato la batteria con una compatibile e ha cominciato a funzionare bene per un paio di settimane, ma ho dimenticato per una settimana a casa e la batteria è completamente scarica e adesso non si accende anche con la batteria carica.
    il mio cel è senza speranza?
    Apprezzo la tua risposta.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 29 June, 2012

      Wait at least 10 minutes with charger attached and see if something happens… If nothing happens there's nothing to do… I'm sorry.

  29. Flower (Reply) the 27 June, 2012

    Hola a mi se me rompio el display, for lo q me dijieron, en argentina hay problem con la importacion y me dijieron la gente que no tenian repuesto arregla q!
    pregunta es facil el display y otra cosita changing me dicen q es lo mismo hay scanned display??
    Thank you

    • erkinson (Reply) the 29 June, 2012

      For your import problem, "I don't know". I'm sorry.
      Display and Digitizer (the glass you touch) are two different pieces…

  30. claudinei (Reply) the 21 June, 2012

    Hello I wonder if u can help me my xperia x 8 this faulty,,No sound some only vibrates
    I wonder if the speaker is this piece that you call speaker audio,,,porq. looking for a speaker on the net the speaker image that appears is not that,,await response obgd.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 27 June, 2012

      Does your phone vibrate or not?? (i'm sorry, could you write in english??)

  31. bruno (Reply) the 20 June, 2012

    x me if callus y la camara se ve y lluviosa sin color… como puedo repararlo??? me ayudan??

    • erkinson (Reply) the 20 June, 2012

      What means “callus”??? (sorry, I do not speak spanish

  32. Silvio (Reply) the 16 June, 2012

    Hi guys I'm desperate ! This afternoon while I left home I slipped from my X 8 and ended up in the stairwell . Luckily is spun down only for 4 plans on 10 but aimè even if you turn the screen went. Cosmetically is intact but turning it on in the dark you notice cracks in the display , illuminated ( Lightning type ) .. I bought it 11 months ago, but I think if I sent out under warranty I will spend a bang. What can I do ? I can find only the screen ? What do you recommend ? Thank you in advance who will help me .

    • erkinson (Reply) the 20 June, 2012

      On ebay you can certainly find the screen and is also easy to replace yourself… penso spenderai Al massimo 25-30 Euro tra display e cacciavite torx.

  33. Mark Wilhelmsson (Reply) the 13 June, 2012

    I wonder if there are any webcam modules different from the original part that would be compatible.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 20 June, 2012

      No, You can use only one module, the original one.

  34. Serch (Reply) the 4 June, 2012

    Hi hears a question is q is I fell my cel pro screen no longer served but the cel pz if you only catch that is not nothing more q a green line that I can do to fix it?????

    • erkinson (Reply) the 5 June, 2012

      A more serious hardware problem… Sell your phone as parts or repair to specialists…

  35. keylor (Reply) the 26 May, 2012

    to my was I fell the cel and the touch screen does not respond when I touch it I do

  36. Priestonick (Reply) the 24 May, 2012

    Hola!It makes some days was changing the display of this model,everything was going perfectly,suddenly when it reinstalled the screen was just black with rear lighting,said rays damage the display,buy one and put it but it does the same thing,ya lo restaure with PC companion y con Flash loader pero sigue igual,que crees que podria ser???Muchas gracias

    • erkinson (Reply) the 24 May, 2012

      Could be a motherboard problem… Maybe the connector is broken or the main processor unit…

  37. Turbonetics (Reply) the 13 May, 2012

    should I just change the touch I'd like to ask you, you don't need to remove anything to change just the right touch? I might stop in step no. 9 remove the connector and replace the webcam and touch without removing the motherboard?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 14 May, 2012

      Yes, You can stop at the point 2, where remove the flat cable of the touch from the motherboard.

      • Silvio (Reply) the 16 June, 2012

        What is the difference between the screen and the touch ? the screen would be the external glass and touch the inner ?

        To me that was cracked within indeed you notice damage only in the dark with the cell on .. There are only illuminated cracks , the rest all dark . I do :(

        • erkinson the 20 June, 2012

          Il display è come se fosse il monitor del computer. Il digitizer (o touch) è quel vetro che si trova davanti lo schermo che recepisce il tocco…

  38. alex (Reply) the 13 May, 2012

    amigo si solo quiero cambiar la carcasa hasta que paso tengo que hacer ???????????

  39. marcela (Reply) the 10 May, 2012

    hola amigo, me puedes ayudar tengo un sony ericcison mini xpro y me dicen que la placa madre esta mala.. algun dato para poder salvar el telfeono que se mojo y me duro 3meses.. help help..

    • erkinson (Reply) the 14 May, 2012

      I'm sorry. If the motherboard died there’s nothing you can do to restore your data… (if it is broken only a connector you can contact sony ericsson to replace that piece… if it is possible… but it will cost almost the same price of the new phone)

  40. xperia x 8 (Reply) the 15 March, 2012

    материнскую можно где заказать в нету сц если?

  41. cacgy (Reply) the 11 March, 2012

    hola chavoonn ke bueno tu aporte!!
    te felicito.
    a mi se me rompio la pantalla.

  42. Gert (Reply) the 3 March, 2012

    Hello ! I broke the lcd of my Sony Ericsson xperia x 8 replacement exists? Or rather it is worth? Where can I get it Thanks

  43. rodrigo (Reply) the 25 February, 2012

    meu quebrou weave msm,so eu encontro uma tela pr comprar?
    desde já agradeço

    • erkinson (Reply) the 26 February, 2012

      Ebay.. On ebay you could find all the parts you need at a good price.

  44. alfredo (Reply) the 14 February, 2012

    en verdad te lo agradesco demasiado…. Thank you

  45. alfredo (Reply) the 9 February, 2012

    disculpa mi ignorancia pero esta bocinita como se extrae? y para comprarla como la tengo que pedir y se tiene que hacer algo mas? o solo quitarla y poner la nueva por que por lo que veo mi experia trae como una cinta negra que cubre el alrtavoz

  46. alfredo (Reply) the 7 February, 2012


  47. FrEaKiLiCiOus (Reply) the 31 January, 2012

    Ich werde es mal ausprobiern.
    Ich wollte mein Xperia schon wegwerfen. Aber nach dieser guten beschreibung werd ich es zu versuchen repariern & meinem kleinen Bruder schenken ;)

  48. butto (Reply) the 10 November, 2011

    My problem is similar to qualke other, I scratched screen; I thought enough to buy the whole cover (front and rear), but now I realize that there is no need of cables on front of cover (that screen for instance). My question is: is there a way to replace it anyway by disconnecting the cable from the part of front cover?
    Thanks in advance for your reply,

    • erkinson (Reply) the 10 November, 2011

      You have to buy the digitizer including the front cover, I think, being a part not very delicate I would recommend you to try….

  49. dingo (Reply) the 5 November, 2011

    good job!! with details and digital pictures. How about doing one of it on youtube?
    Any idea where to get the parts for this phone? I am in need of a motherboard.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 10 November, 2011

      Find a motherboard is a really difficult thing, almost impossible… IT is bettere search a broken phone with dead screen or other minor problem…

      Youtube?? I don't have so beatiful hands to show my movements… ahah….

  50. Frank (Reply) the 3 November, 2011

    Thank you for the detailed explanation and precise.
    I am on Ebay I found the front and rear frame white (My X is black and would like to change the color), but in the picture and description I think the transparent front glass (the touch) with his flat is not present, It is only the white plastic part around the display glass: You can disassemble the transparent touch without doing damage?
    I could buy these plastics and replace, or the transparent touch must necessarily be one with the plastic (Maybe is glued with a particle method…)?
    Thanks for the reply.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 10 November, 2011

      Unfortunately I haven't tried… and frankly I don't think it is possible… I thought the other experiences I've had with other models of phones the digitizer (the touch) were glued so well (or had one with glass) than trying to pull it off will inevitably ended with crumple.

      Moreover,, doesn't seem very costs the digitizer…

  51. juampi (Reply) the 6 October, 2011

    Amigo para que sirve la entrada que está junto ala entrada de los audifonos.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 6 October, 2011

      It is a Sony connector for other accessories…

  52. covagashi (Reply) the 18 September, 2011

    Queria saber donde puedo conseguir los destornilladores para desarmarlo, Thank you.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 19 September, 2011

      Hi, You can find it on ebay… They call it TRIWING

  53. Fabio (Reply) the 25 August, 2011

    Ola, você sabe posso encontrar a placa wave main do xperia x 8?

  54. Big big lol (Reply) the 8 August, 2011

    you call this clear answers ?”Once unscrew you all screws have a flat screwdriver to push the plastic …” is ' thereby express Mr.Parkinson?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 10 August, 2011

      I don't speak English… translation is made by robot… If you want, You can correct what you think isn't correct…

  55. Gonzalo (Reply) the 2 August, 2011

    Hello, muy buena guía, Cambie mi carcasa x 8 pero ahora tengo problemas con el touch, No. funciona well, principalmente the parte of abajo, as puedo hacer???

    Thank you

  56. Christine (Reply) the 25 July, 2011

    Thank you for these explanations clear and well imaged.

  57. fra85 (Reply) the 21 July, 2011

    What is mica the rectangular connector that is next to the headphone socket???
    Thanks a lot

    • erkinson (Reply) the 23 July, 2011

      Need for special accessories that provides sony…. You can take a look on their site.

  58. lol (Reply) the 19 July, 2011


  59. marco (Reply) the 11 July, 2011

    how much does then replace the screen scratched????
    Thank you……;)

  60. ivanymarzzia (Reply) the 2 July, 2011


    Si no se te enciende, es por la ostia que le has dado…
    Solucionadas tus dudas? JAJAJAJAJA!!

  61. aibj7 (Reply) the 6 June, 2011

    complimenti per la spiegazione.. sei stato molto, molto chiaro!!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 10 June, 2011

      Thank you!

      • Céline (Reply) the 29 January, 2013

        Hi I wanted to know if you can change just the cover of xperia go, that is not the screen but only the cover because I was a broken lower right corner near the small hole of the microphone. Thanks a lot (Sorry if the question I put in the right place but I don't mean much )

        • erkinson the 7 February, 2013

          Teoricamente sì, but obviously depends on the availability of spare parts. Try looking for HOUSING or COVER on ebay.

      • micaela (Reply) the 3 August, 2013

        Hi I have a sony xperia u ke I practically fell into the water and they told me that it is oxidized the lcd connector …was wondering what can I do?? can I buy the parts?? xk the phone will not turn on xò if I put it to charge it the red light …cosa posso fare? buy the connector and just and change it or dice ke there will be more to change?? is a charge too high??? aiutatemiiii

        • erkinson the 3 August, 2013

          In these cases it is not possible to do almost anything…. Also because it is not said to be damaged was only the LCD connector, most likely some other component may have ruined. In addition, replace the connector is a very expensive operation that requires special equipment.
          If you are in Bologna we can give us a look

        • micaela the 4 August, 2013

          are cent province of ferrara ...I'll explain I found the lcd connector and anke the screen maybe the camera does not go but I can find the pieces xò nn I understand how it works…I am giving you my phone and then??? xk if you can tell me what nn is looking at the phone I find the pieces