#### ATTENTION ####
If you have arrived here because your printer is locked, flashes orange or green and indicates an error (es. 5B00) you go first This page to find out what error it is.

#### Error Codes ####

—– The article below refers to 5B00 error with 7 flashes alternating Orange-Green “Ink absorber Full” —–

I had never thought. I was doing the head cleaning. And consumed the ink.
But I never ever thought, where to go to get that ink.
Then one fine day I appeared an error message telling me that my printer had the ink absorber is full and I had to take it to a service center to continue to operate. Searching on the net I found that the printer there are sponges which absorb the ink that is used to clean the heads.
There is no hardware detector that checks these sponges, but this block is set via software to avoid the possibility of flipping the printer the ink color you desk exits. […]

(C)ASO NUMBER ONE: You don't want to disassemble the printer but want to continue printing.

  1. Turn off your printer.
  2. Press Resume (so to speak, the one with the triangle or the sheet with the arrow down)
  3. While you hold down the resume button press the power button and hold both for 4 seconds (about).
  4. Now, always hold the power button, Let the resume button and immediately press it twice. (you will notice that while you do the printer power led becomes Orange, and then green again). You can leave all buttons. At this point the printer will do the usual power cycle. You are in the “service mode
  5. Press the resume button four times (This time the led will alternate between Orange and green) and then press the power button. The led will only Flash Green. Have you reset your printer. YOU CAN START PRINTING.

CASE NUMBER TWO: Do you want to continue printing but you don't want the desk full of ink.

You have to disassemble the printer. The official procedure requires the substitution of sponges. But since they aren't even available on ebay we are content to wash.

For disassembly of the canon I refer the article about.

Ink absorber

Important is that after washing the sponges and let dry. (to do before you can shake as the thermometer.)

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

  1. Romano (Reply) the 11 December, 2017

    Canon 2550
    Signals with 7 flashes
    I cleaned the pad
    I tried to reset all systems including the classic reported in many sites
    Replaced cartridges with original
    Please help me out
    Thanks in advance

  2. Alexander (Reply) the 6 May, 2017

    where I can buy canon glass mg5510 and also this giving error 5100 What should I buy.

  3. Massimo (Reply) the 22 April, 2017

    Hi, I have a CANON PIXMA IX6850 bought it from just one year and already is giving me the message of absorber almost full I would like to ask you how can I reset the printer and maybe if you advise me how to clean the printer absorber
    Thank you

    • Stefano (Reply) the 23 October, 2017

      Hi, I aggredo the request of Maximum. I also have a pixma 6850 and I want to know how to avoid the block given by software, There is also a guide to disassembly?
      I also have a canon 5100, There is something for disassembly?

      Thank you

  4. Kcd (Reply) the 24 March, 2017

    hi. i have a canon mg5740, it is displaying 5b00 error code i have tried to put it in service mode but it won’t go into service mode.i have downloaded the service tool but it won’t work please assist me what must i do?

  5. ETN (Reply) the 7 November, 2016

    Good morning everyone,

    I was cleaning the absorbers of a CANON PIXMA IP4200, When, in reassembling, I came off this cubic swab, PARE in sponge, 5x5x5mm size:


    Someone tell me from where came off?
    Thanks to those who will help (help us)

  6. Francisco Palmela (Reply) the 19 August, 2016

    I have a printer Canon MG5350 in which I appeared the code U052, you didn't let me do any printing, so I cleaned the print heads and replace the cartridges , but now appeared a new code with the No. 5011 .
    So I had a similar problem that can give me instructions to resolve this problem I will thank you very much.

  7. zaurac (Reply) the 13 December, 2015

    This printer is the “the Holy card scam”, the cartridges just comes with ink and how an accountant from hell, many times they tell you that the ink is over, Open the cartridge (out of curiosity) and it is having half of ink or more!.
    The Government of Spain should take cards in this fraud because it is not acceptable that you just do some pictures in color and you suck ink. On the other hand, When you put a new cartridge, the printer makes a series of “handling” in order to print plan and if you look, YOU HAS SUCKED INK CARTRIDGES THAT WERE WELL!!.
    Have stolen you ink without doing any work and the Government become silent in a fraud of the most disgusting and disgraceful.

    • daniele (Reply) the 14 January, 2016

      Not disassemble the printer I use a long chef's plastic clamp at the end a WAD of paper towels. With this, After exhibiting residual color swabs moving the cartridge carriage, I absorb it with some’ patience the excess ink. Works. It also works the counter reset. I have a Pixma IP4700 and a reset I had to do it already three or four times as much mold, especially CD and DVD covers.

  8. marcbor74 (Reply) the 30 November, 2015

    The procedure for a Canon Mp270 doesn't work

  9. treefolk (Reply) the 3 March, 2015

    good evening to all me g a pb with my printer canon MP600 at startup it shows me the error 5200 then 5010 blocks the is it you help me solve this mystery which has some day for the time offset of my report of end of academic internship.

  10. DICOP (Reply) the 8 January, 2015

    to replace the ink on PIXMA IP absorbers 4700 you will find material on:

  11. Anna (Reply) the 7 January, 2015

    I have a pixma mp 780 the ink absorber is full and I can't print you may tell me the procedure for resetting or let me figure out how to disassemble the machine to replace

    Thank you

  12. antonio (Reply) the 11 December, 2014

    Hi I have a canon pixma mp495 printer now won't accente more. What can be the problem? I state that before this you are on orange indicator C and B.
    Anything I can do before I take it to a technician?

  13. Henry (Reply) the 4 November, 2014

    Good morning after about 1 year my mg8250 stopped because it says that the ink absorber is full. Incredible ! I've never done head cleaning eccera and I printed the right. Is there a way to reset it?
    Thank you

  14. Lorenzo (Reply) the 9 October, 2014

    Hi, I have a problem with the Pixma ip 7250, When I print the black doesn't seem to fill in the spaces, It seems out of focus or a line in the Middle. I state that I did do the cleaning and everything. I would like to have information on how do I remove the printhead. Thank you in advance.

  15. Alexander (Reply) the 8 October, 2014

    Hello congratulations for your site, really useful.
    I have a problem, I have a Canon mg3150 and after a nice my notified ABSORBER FULL etc. etc., at this point I did the stunt to reset with this procedure you (or at least I think I have done step by step), and continued to resume printing, the problem and that prints very slowly, I have done something wrong in the procedure? Some tell me that you have to program eprom boh…. I hope in your goodness thanks.

  16. Art (Reply) the 4 October, 2014

    Hello Disassembler,
    I have a Canon Pixma ip1700 that has the ink absorber full. A year ago I took her from a technician and sheltered me. The problem has presenato a few weeks ago and I brought it back. After a few days he told me that the program is not removed and resseter so it was pointless to change the sponges. I also tried two programs I but also my pc hangs and cannot unlock it. The printer, However, was forced and if I slide the cartridges move but do not stop in the area where you can replace. When I turn on after about 10 sec makes a weird noise and keeps flashing green and orange seven times. What can I do? If the problem rivolso the cartridges that do not stop can I recuperala. I forgot that I even did the manual steps, but nothing.

  17. valter (Reply) the 1 September, 2014

    I have a problem with canon mp 320
    flashes 5 times in Orange and the message on your pc, incompatible cartridge or installed incorrectly, all this after ricaricatola cartridge, I know about how to work around this problem? I have already pressed to scroll 4 seconds but it does not work, does not recognize most cartridges, (This is not the first time that the reloading, never had this problem before

  18. Vincenzo (Reply) the 12 July, 2013

    Hi, I have a canon ip4300 printer absorber ink saturated with so much that when printing the ink comes out.
    I tried to open the top cover but I managed only to unlock the back by pressing on the points indicated by arrows, Instead the front remains locked.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 3 August, 2013

      Unfortunately I've never seen… There are sure to be, though, other points indicated with small signs a type a DART. Could be the sides of the printer or under cover from which you access the printhead.

    • Nicola (Reply) the 14 August, 2013

      Referring to a ip4200 (I hope not too dissimilar like the ip4300) I can confirm that the two additional tabs are located * beneath * the printer. To find them you must first remove the front paper tray, then of course place the machine on one side.

  19. Alberto (Reply) the 6 July, 2013

    Hello, I have a Canon Pixma MP130. I had appeared the message was full the assoribitore of refill inks, I made the steps to delete the provisions from the House and now it has started to print only in black and white and color but has not replaced the cartridges. Could you help me? I would hate to have to throw. A greeting and thanks in advance.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 3 August, 2013

      The procedure does not influence the printing. Could be a problem of cartridges.

  20. ben (Reply) the 6 July, 2013

    Hi……I need someone to help me.I have a canon pixma MX320 all-in-one….the problem is I can print using the computer but’ I can't COPY before working,now for some, no more '….What can I do to use it also as a copy machine????

    • eri (Reply) the 27 October, 2013

      Hello. I have the same problem. Not only for the copy but also by fax and sca. You solved somehow?

  21. Marco (Reply) the 3 July, 2013

    Hi, I have an error in your printer MG5350. use the CISS ink system gives me error and I believe is the ink absorber. where and how to lead the printer? I state that the printer immediately goes into lock-out. The carella and head and makes no noise. I ask you, How to disassemble the printer to change the absorber and how to reset it. Thanks for help

    • erkinson (Reply) the 3 August, 2013

      Unfortunately, the new models have not yet known proceedings. And I couldn't give you any advice on how to take it apart because I've never seen the printer in question. Sorry.

  22. andrea (Reply) the 9 June, 2013

    I have a canon mp990 4000 suddenly it has printed black,I replaced the cartridge 3bk ...printed 2 sheets and then he riniziato not print black when I run the test prints I from the netting but only colored bands.do you have any advice for me? Thanks andrea

    • erkinson (Reply) the 17 June, 2013

      It seems there is some problem with the head. Especially since he printed a bit. It is also unlikely that the issue will be resolved with a manual wash. Try to follow the Guide on the website for cleaning with Degreaser and warm water.

  23. teigenv (Reply) the 4 May, 2013


    also I had no such problems, however,, After repeated washing with isopropyl alcohol, the absorber was marred losing shape and initial permeability.
    I solved easily by cutting out two sponges or sponge cloth for kitchen
    (to understand are those colored spungnette 15×15 cm which are generally used to dry the sink or stove and have a texture very similar to the absorber (see link)

    Obviously, being very thin (about 2 mm) with respect to the height of 1 cm of the absorber, I used two of these sponges, fold in half and cut out with the same form of the absorber.
    Don't worry if there is no surface that holds the retina all because when you deposit them in forced spungette of the printer that collect inchiustro, the same will be held by the upper support.
    After many attempts to search for the purchase of a material similar to the absorber I found the simplest and most common object that you can find on the market.
    Good job

  24. Salvatore (Reply) the 20 April, 2013

    I have a MP 160 PIXMA canon.
    I ran erkinson instructions on the first page and despite the photo did not correspond to my printer, the procedure has worked.
    Great, I was to throw.
    I had asked for assistance 10 euros for the reset.

  25. salvatore palomba (Reply) the 13 April, 2013

    I have a canon PIXMA MP180.
    I disassembled and cleaned the absorbers and whatever else was nearby because full
    of ink. I didn't get the result.
    Under the absorbers (sintered plates) There are two small tubes that I do not know where to go. Maybe in any container? pp let me know before proceeding to rismontaggio Thanks.


  26. DARIO (Reply) the 24 March, 2013

    Hi I have a canon pixma mp500 error tells me accendendo0la 6500
    I tried everything I have disassembled and reassembled clean all tried to reset it as per the instructions but do not want to know to leave quando0 do I reset goes on the first white screen but I do not schioda. do you have any solution? Thanks in advance

  27. Abdulla Ahmed (Reply) the 10 January, 2013

    I have a problem with my dear and reliable MP780 that stopped printing until I press OK (but I fear that soon will stop completely by pressing OK) Since the warning message appeared to me SATURAZ. CONT. INCH.: I guess there is a container of inchiosti absorber full?can you name me a procedure to disassemble, clean it and reset the counter to get rid of the error on the display?I thank you in advance and wish you a good day!
    Ahmed Abdulla

    • erkinson (Reply) the 18 January, 2013

      You should look in the service manual that can be found on the website… There you will find how to reset it. While, to clean the ink absorbers, You will have to remove almost everything… It is not an easy thing nor fun for MP780… If you have a free day maybe could you make it…

  28. eticam (Reply) the 19 December, 2012

    Hi, the Canon Pixma Ip ns 4200 pops up the error 6500. What can I do?
    Thank you

  29. Luciano (Reply) the 18 December, 2012

    Hi I have a problem with a canon mp800 code 5200 11 Yellow flashes what happened?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 27 December, 2012

      If you go to the article with error codes, whose links are at the top of the page you'll find out.

  30. ezio (Reply) the 21 November, 2012

    Maybe I have not explained well;
    basically the problem is this:
    After cleaning I print some paper and then well print at times.
    echo cleaning and defers to go well for a while and again I have to do the cleaning.

    Thanks a lot!

  31. ezio (Reply) the 20 November, 2012

    I sehuito to the letter the instructions to clean the ink absorbers.
    everything perfect!
    Thanks a lot.

    the printer ( pixma ip 4000 ) good print but I do often cleaning.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 27 November, 2012

      Use different brand inks and print more often.

  32. Peter (Reply) the 16 November, 2012

    Hi kindly let me advice before buying a new one.I explain I have a CANON MP600 printer and when I’ error code 5010 ,What does it mean ,You can adjust?In the meantime thank you and greet.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 18 November, 2012

      In this page, among the comments, You might find something that's right for your case. (Florio's comment)

  33. Giuliana (Reply) the 26 October, 2012

    A greeting to all of you, and a cry of aiutooo!!
    My CANON IP3300 suddenly stopped printing flashing 5 times with orange LEDs.
    I can't unlock it, is it salvageable? How can I do?
    Please help thanks in advance.
    Hi all.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 12 November, 2012

      Unfortunately the head is gone… you need to replace it.

  34. Matthew (Reply) the 17 October, 2012

    Hello, I have a pixma IP1500, I washed the filters, but now with water have become half in thickness, is a problem ?? can I replace them ?? Also I need the reset tool for ip1500 that every link is expired, can you help me ??

    Thank you

  35. stev741 (Reply) the 14 October, 2012

    HELP!!! MY CANON IP 4600 is IN LOCK ERROR CODE B200 10 ALTERNATING FLASHES YELLOW AND GREEN. I know it is hard but if someone already solved tell me, the service mode I cant go but then I cannot reset the error.
    I did several tests to reset the printer , but nothing. I have to solve the problem, Please help, Thanks to all.

  36. GIUSEPPE (Reply) the 1 October, 2012

    It also works with the MP270, Thanks a lot, I did save a bang of money!!!

  37. Fabio (Reply) the 18 September, 2012

    Boa tarde tenho uma Canon MX320 multifuncional , ela esta mas na hora normally ligand de imprimir não consigo , no visor dela está showing erro 5200 gostaria de solucionar esse problema , ou não tem mais UMA solução, me ajudem ae galera.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 22 September, 2012

      Printeahd or motherboard could be faulty…

  38. mauro (Reply) the 17 September, 2012

    Hi all and greetings to erkinson.
    I have a canon pixma ip 4000 ,for a long time I used ,also ...gnawing,without problems,(even with compatible cartridges).In recent days, however, is giving me problems I can't solve ;five Orange and green lameggi,should be the head?I tried to wash but when I put begins to Flash as before,erkinson can be compatible cartridges that give this problem ? If original cartridges rimettessi might fix the problem ?and then I wanted to ask if you would find the original head, you will be able to? Thanks a lot!!!.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 22 September, 2012

      Unfortunately the head is to be replaced… There are compatible cartridges. You can find it on ebay but it costs these as a new printer. Might wish if I had many cartridges to use (and, Moreover,, those of that series are the cheapest because they are without chip)

  39. […] the printer but having found who did it before us, we thought we'd leave you the link to the page that shows you all but just the whole procedure of disassembly of the printer, with the […]

  40. Luca (Reply) the 4 September, 2012

    Hi I have a canon ip4950 is I have a doubt about how I would like to clarify that as quality is excellent, the problem is that after each print session that it is only a sheet or a package of sheets I an automatic cleaning cycle.
    which seems very strange had a ip4200 and I was not ever happened.
    the problem it does both with original cartridges with both filled and counter off, whether printing photos that text.
    Thanks a lot

    • erkinson (Reply) the 5 September, 2012

      In fact many times it leave it switched on rather than turn it off and turn it on only when needed… Unfortunately I've never tried one of these latest models. The problem is that for every cleaning cycle consumes ink…

  41. Gianluca (Reply) the 3 September, 2012

    Good morning, I have a canon i9950 who suddenly has to cycle 5 Orange flashes. Head says error canon. Disassembled, clean, run reset disassembled head otherwise you are unable to perform any procedure. I wonder this: without I perform printhead reset while whipped I can't do anything because it starts flashing. Can I be sure that the motherboard is OK and then buying a new head I solve the problem, or there are other procedures manuals that I can do before I spend money for nothing? Thank you very much.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 5 September, 2012

      Should I repeat should be the head… as you can see from this special page http://erkinson.altervista.org/stampanti-canon-codice-errore-lampeggi-led/

      Unfortunately there are other manual procedures to follow…

      • Gianluca (Reply) the 12 September, 2012

        It was actually the head. Let's say you choose from motherboard, service delivery and purchase the printhead and replace it ...It went well (150 euro after 8 years of work). I also profited to completely disassemble the i9950 and full maintenance. As new ;)

  42. tony (Reply) the 2 September, 2012

    Hi Disassembler,
    I have a cannon printer mp600, initially gave me problems with black print,I proceeded with the head cleaning,alignment,nothing to do,I cleaned the heads with the special liquid ,nothing:I also tried with alcohol, nothing to do,I bought all the original cartridges,but the problem is worsened,now print with stripes and faded,one sucks.I can do?
    Thank you

  43. Franz (Reply) the 29 August, 2012

    Dear Disassembler,
    you are a legend !!! I have a Canon PIXMA iP5000 with full ink absorber and thank you, I reset the error and disassembled and clean absorbent pads. But… in disassembling the printer, on the remaining two absorbers I have plastic pieces shaped like a hook of ca. 4cm.
    Where the hell are placed?

  44. Barbara (Reply) the 28 August, 2012

    I mistake p 7, ink absorber full, on canon pixma mp270. I tried the procedure you have written but it doesn't work. Could help me? Thank you.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 31 August, 2012

      If I remember correctly the mp270 had a secret menu where you select your RESET INK COUNTER… but I can't remember how to get into it…

  45. krainskap (Reply) the 6 August, 2012

    I have a mx330 with error 5b00
    I have read the procedure to reset it, but I do not know what is the reset/resume button
    can anyone help me?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 18 August, 2012

      is the key you need to restart printing (for example, when crashes because there are no sheets)

  46. Roberto Pappu (Reply) the 24 July, 2012

    (I have a dishwasher stops by years…………)
    Roberto di Gualdo

  47. Sonia (Reply) the 20 July, 2012

    Hello Erkinson, I have a CANON MP600 printer that, at startup, gives me error 5010.
    I would be grateful if you could help me get it to work.
    Thank you

    • erkinson (Reply) the 28 July, 2012

      Of the error 5010 I've never read anything… Are you sure that both your 5010?? Try checking the flashes that follow the Guide…

  48. Teresa (Reply) the 29 June, 2012

    Hola, yo tengo una Canon MP260, y he leído mucho en internet.

    I have changed the ink cartridges and now tells me that not recognised me, I restarted the printer by pressing the button stop / reset 10segundos, then 30 seconds, and then tried the stop / restart at the same time as the On… y nada… Error 5

    Can someone help me?

    It may be a case of planned obsolescence…

    • erkinson (Reply) the 29 June, 2012

      Error 5? Do you mean Five times yellow light?

  49. Zeltixx (Reply) the 15 June, 2012

    Remise a zero pour pixma ip2600 : Débrancher l' Primer. Maintenir le bouton “Marche / arrêt” rebrancher puis le cable d'alimentation. Pad 2 OU 3 fois sur le bouton “It summarizes” release puis le bouton “Marche / arrêt”. L'imprimante est reinitialisee.
    Et voila :(D)

  50. nailing (Reply) the 11 June, 2012

    Hola, I have a canon ip3300 and the orange light is flashing I 5 veces, I tried to remove and replace the head but it still the same.
    Anyone knows that I can do?


    • erkinson (Reply) the 20 June, 2012

      Maybe your printhead is faulty, you need a new one.

  51. Electreak (Reply) the 11 June, 2012

    Boa tarde, appeared an error on my printer (canon pixma mp800) the error in question and the 5B00, I tried to do what this explained but the words that I don't understand type “mashed” and “rischiacciatelo”, but I don't know which and the continue button on my printer, know which and the stop/reset but I don't know which and continue some help??
    Who can help I'd appreciate it if you could quickly because I'm seeing a bit of a rush to try to get the printer.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 20 June, 2012

      I try to write in a different way (I ' m Italian) sThe translator could do his job better…

  52. Zélia (Reply) the 15 May, 2012

    Boa tarde
    I have a printer canon pixma MP 160 and I can't print because of an error on the display ´ who is constantly flashing to the numeral 2 , 7 and letter E. When I give print order says that the ink absorber is full.What is the meaning of this? Also no longer scan documents.
    I wondered if you could help me, Please?I want to dictate the printer out the window.

    Thank you so much


    • erkinson (Reply) the 22 May, 2012

      You must follow the procedure written in these comments to resent counter.

  53. Michele (Reply) the 6 May, 2012

    I have a Canon MP500, purchased about 6 years ago and in recent days has appeared a message on printer Panel: “cartridge not recognized (…)”.
    So, to continue printing, I pulled the plug and the USB cable, I removed cartridges and Printhead and I replaced the color BK8 BA that I had in the meantime sold out. Then I reassembled everything and I turned on the printer (without connect it via USB to my iMac). I managed to make some copies Copier mode. Then I plugged in the usb cable and I was able to print other 2/3 copies of some images that I had downloaded from the internet, then it reappeared the usual message. I repeated the procedure while I was wondering: “but because when the printer is connected via USB to any PC the problem does not occur?”.
    Just a few minutes ago presented a 2° problem: My MP500 it is off permanently, releasing a slight burning smell. Of course I immediately disconnected the plug to avoid further trouble.
    How is it possible? There is a relationship between the two issues? How do I now? Thank you!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 8 May, 2012

      Proof ad accendere la stampante senza testina montata and vedi if part… Giusto per capire se non si è danneggiata irrimediabilmente la insertion madre della stampante…
      An esserci una relazione tra i due problemi se è la testina ad essersi danneggiata…

  54. Pier Paolo (Reply) the 16 April, 2012

    Thanks Erkinson.
    I saw this morning (on the internet) the iP2600 is no longer in production, but you can still find 30 – 40 €. Since I still have some ink cartridge, in a deal worth almost twice that amount, I imagine that, rather than attempt to repair, I should buy new.

  55. Pier Paolo (Reply) the 15 April, 2012

    I have a Canon Pixma iP2600. The error message is “The ink absorber is almost full”. I would clean the sponges: You can find instructions to disassemble?
    Next reset, which procedure do I follow?
    Thank you,
    Pier Paolo

    • erkinson (Reply) the 16 April, 2012

      Unfortunately all instructions that are on the site are the ones that I do. What I have on hand I put on the site :-)
      More or less I think the process is the same. Obviously if your printer is still under warranty I suggest you take it to the canon… Otherwise you need to disassemble the printer (If you want) and then do the reset procedure.
      I think for the iP2600 is the one written in the article.

    • Solalotoise (Reply) the 21 January, 2015

      Pier Paolo,
      I had this message from yesterday “ink absorber full”
      I followed the procedure of:

      Zeltixx (Response) the 15 June, 2012

      Remise a zero pour pixma ip2600 : Débrancher l' Primer. Hold the button "market / stop" and then reconnect the power cord. Pad 2 OU 3 the "Resume" button and then release the "on/off" button. L'imprimante est reinitialisee.
      Et voila :(D)

      I have remade impressions since and it works !!

  56. Giusi (Reply) the 10 April, 2012

    Hi, I have a Canon pixma mp 190 and since yesterday I get the error code 8, ink absorber full, Unfortunately I'm not able to find a reset for my printer, by any chance could you help me, Please, Please, Please

    • erkinson (Reply) the 11 April, 2012

      Try so

      Enters the SERVICE MODE: Press Menu-Copy-Scan-Copy-Copy
      Select TEST MODE.
      Select [8] PRINTER TEST in TEST MODE.
      Select 3. [CLEAR EEPROM].
      Select 0. [INK COUNT].
      Press [Set].
      Press [Stop/Reset] (should get you back to 3.)), and press [ON/OFF].

      Let us know.

  57. Stefano (Reply) the 9 April, 2012

    So what I recommend to change the cartridges?
    Thank you

    • erkinson (Reply) the 11 April, 2012

      I don't think so… Rather may have ruined the head or the motherboard. Try to call back the canon Service Center and ask them… But I think that the printer has reached the end…

  58. Stefano (Reply) the 7 April, 2012

    I have a canon Mp 495 about a year, gives me the error code P08 sul pc E5200 and tells me that the ink absorber is full I have already had the same problem six months ago resolved with the guarantee. I tried smontala and I cleaned the waste ink in the cartridges, I run the reset procedure numerous times but nothing.
    I also have to clean larger on the back where the ink download?
    Thank you

    • erkinson (Reply) the 8 April, 2012

      The cleaning procedure with the reset procedure are not connected. In the sense that if you clean the absorber the printer resumes work… There must be some special feature for cleaning the mp495 absorbers…
      However the error 5200 depends on a overheat the printhead problem.

  59. Antonio (Reply) the 26 March, 2012

    I replaced the black cartridge (original) Alla stampante Canon PIXMA ip4200 ma non stampa in maniera chiara i caratteri nonostante aver effettuato, prima della stampa, pulizia più di una, Compress quella degli ughelli. Quale Può essere il problem? Thank you.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 27 March, 2012

      Potrebbe essersi rovinata the testina… C'e a guide your eats to Polish it nel case problem fastidious sia il.

  60. ANA (Reply) the 16 March, 2012

    Hola; My Ip3000 printer mark me error 6c00 and does not work, While it has ink, paper and was apparently functioning normally…no way to fix it? I urge print work and I am on fire!!! PLEASE HELP!!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 18 March, 2012

      It's a motherboard problem…. As you can see in Canon Error Page…. There's nothing to do… :-( I'm sorry.

  61. Makuka (Reply) the 8 March, 2012

    Good afternoon! I have a pixma MP170 query, until now I have always used reused cartridges but in the latter does not want me to recognize, me da error ; compruebe tina U059, as puedo hacer? he provado de ponerle el anterior gastado pero sigue con su error…

    • erkinson (Reply) the 9 March, 2012

      If the cartdriges are correclty positioned (black on black side and colour on colours side) and you tried new ink You have a faulty motherboard… for the price you need to pay could be more convenient buy another printer….

  62. maeli (Reply) the 5 March, 2012

    la canon ip4200 parpadea 20 veces que puedo hacer para repararla¨? hay alguna forma facil de reparla?

  63. Carmelo (Reply) the 27 February, 2012

    “Almeno per la ip90 al punto 4 il pulsante RESUME va premuto 3 volte!!! (premendolo 2 volte come descritto la stampante rimane bloccata con led arancione fisso)
    il resto della procedura rimane invariata.” Ripreso dal sito:

  64. Carmelo (Reply) the 22 February, 2012

    Hi, sono sempre Carmelo, Canon Pixma IP90v, adesso mi lampeggia alternato verde e arancione con simbolo di rivolgersi all’assistenza. I can make myself clean absorbers? How to disassemble the printer?

    Thank you

  65. Carmelo (Reply) the 22 February, 2012

    I have a PIXMA IP90v printer. Just flashes orange led for 8 volte, in practice there is the ink absorber full. How can I do in order to eliminate the problem?

    Thank you for your attention


    • erkinson (Reply) the 26 February, 2012

      You have to try the reset in this guide…

  66. luigi (Reply) the 16 February, 2012

    I have a problem with my ip4600. print a sheet and then giving me error code c000.
    then makes 21 alternating flashes green / Orange. How can I solve the problem. Hello

  67. Mick Ames (Reply) the 24 January, 2012

    I have followed your instructions for the iP4000 and successfully dismantled it. However, two small plastic bits appeared in the plastic base and I can’t find where they’ve come from. They each have a hook at one end and are tapered at the other and are 4cm long. Would be grateful for guidance on where to put them when I reassemble.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 27 January, 2012

      I really don't know… Could you take a picuter of the two small plastic parts? Maybe I could help you…

  68. taste (Reply) the 13 October, 2011

    tenho uma MP Canon 600 mas de um dia para o outro aparece escrito, tipo de cabeça de impressao incorreta. instale a cabeça de inpressao correct. Nao sei o k fazer por favor ajudem

    • erkinson (Reply) the 17 October, 2011

      Could be a problem of motherboard… or a problem of printhead… You can't be sure..

  69. Peppe (Reply) the 8 October, 2011

    Nothing to do, I was able to disassemble, clean the print head and the sponges assorbiinchiostro, I reassembled but the problem does not resolve, All the time 16 flashes: I put it in the garage with the disassembled with the hope that you find some other news for repair, but we hope soon. Now I only have the printer-fax-copier-scanner-laser HP4500 I consume a lot of ink for a few copies (a cartridge should print 200 Black sheets, but I think it goes to print only 25-30). I'll have to buy a new only to print, Since HP cartridges 4500 cost 15 € and are not compatible.

  70. Peppe (Reply) the 7 October, 2011

    Ok, Thank you, I'll try to take it apart, Although I think it might be the motherboard (I have to throw it, Too bad).

  71. Peppe (Reply) the 6 October, 2011

    Hi, I have a problem with the Canon Pixma IP5000. Gives me error code 6C00 (valve sensor), with 16 intermittent flashes orange. A few months ago I had the same problem, then resettandola with this procedure:
    • Turn off your printer.
    • Press the Resume button (so to speak, the one with the triangle or the sheet with the arrow down)
    • While you hold down the resume button press the power button and hold both about 4 seconds.
    • Now, always hold the power button, Let the resume button and immediately rischiacciatelo twice. (you will notice that while you do the printer power led becomes Orange, and then green again). You can leave all buttons. At this point the printer will do the usual power cycle. You are in "service mode"
    • Press the resume button four times (This time the led will alternate between Orange and green) and then press the power button. The led will only Flash Green. Have you reset your printer. YOU CAN START PRINTING
    is back to work. Now even after resetting the flashes do not disappear and I can no longer print. If I had to disassemble the head, could you give me directions about what to do? I saw it but I see Central engage to disassemble (If this is the problem), also because the site I've seen: Purge unit, that must be cleaned. Waiting for your reply. Hello!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 6 October, 2011

      Can be either a motherboard problem or Purge Unit (that is the unit that is used for head cleaning, the one on the right side… Unfortunately I've never had such experiences, You can only try to take apart to see if anything blocks to empty tubes, or to see if it is locked (those two “sponges” you see must rise and fall based on the movement of the head)…

      Nel sito c ' è una guida su come smontare una Pixma IP4000… magari è simile alla 5000.

  72. Kelly (Reply) the 13 September, 2011

    Hi, Good afternoon.

    I bought a Canon MP600 printer that came from Japan.
    The guy who sold it to me said it was in perfect condition with only load the cartridges, so I loaded, She recognizes all cartridges only yellow appears as if it were empty.
    I was looking on the internet about restart the cartridge or something.. you know what could have happened to have that message about the cartridge empty?
    know how to restart or otherwise to that puddle help me??
    I look forward to Return

    Best regards,

    • erkinson (Reply) the 16 September, 2011

      Could be a broken ink tank, or a broken sensor level….. :-( Try another ink and let me know what happens…

  73. paolo (Reply) the 7 September, 2011

    Hello. la mia canon pixma 3000 ha cominciato a stampare al rallentatore. Then I reported error 5200. then I followed the steps for this error, but the page that you want to print white rimneva. then I pointed out the printhead is not installed and then gives me cinue Orange led and not rtorna head in place for printing. that happens?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 8 September, 2011

      The error 5200 was a printhead temperature too high… Now the five errors indicate that the print head is no longer working… Should be replaced… and, Judging by the price, If you can't used replenished each morning on ebay or somewhere else, You should buy a new printer…

  74. Giuseppe (Reply) the 24 August, 2011

    A greeting to all.

    I have a few days my printer CANON IP blocked 4700 that gives me error code 6C10 which corresponds to full recovery ink tank.
    I tried to follow the various opportunity to RESET that I found on the net, I disassembled and cleaned two small plastic porous plates that are located at the end of the stroke print cart but I failed to get the proper restoration of printer functions.
    At this point I would like to ask whether it is necessary to disassemble the printer to operate the sviotamento ink recovery tank to reset the printer or is there a procedure to RESET for the model of the printer that I have ( CANON IP 4700 ) ?

    Since now thanks for the help potretedarmi.

    Giuseppe Mauriello

    • erkinson (Reply) the 25 August, 2011

      The 6C10 does not match the error ink absorber full. AND’ a problem involving the sensor cleaning unit…. What begins with two small plastic porous plates that were talking about. Could be electronically route ( and it would have to be replaced ) or it could be clogged… In that case you could try to take it apart and clean it… I added the service Manual of the IP 4700 the website should be useful.

  75. ferdinando62 (Reply) the 17 August, 2011

    Cioao beautiful highly detailed information , I run the reset for 5 flashes on the ink spunette but I could not solve anything because 5 flashings are left and now I do not know what to do can you help me ? sorry I have not said that I have a printer canon ip4000

  76. mustangv8 (Reply) the 10 August, 2011

    Cambio de cartridges. por ciss continuo.la impresora no me reconoce los cartridges,el modelo es una 4200.luz ip amarilla encendida 5 on. solicito alludes por fabor.

  77. filomena (Reply) the 25 July, 2011

    Thanks a lot….

  78. giuseppe D'angelo (Reply) the 18 July, 2011

    I have a printer Canon MP 600 that did not use may in the Office, I bought all the cartridges, It seems to work fine, but I cannot print in black, cosa posso fare? Thanks for your attention

    • erkinson (Reply) the 18 July, 2011

      You have to try to do the head cleaning… Because the printer doesn't seem to solve the problem try to use the guide that there is on the site “head cleaning”. A method quite home…

  79. Paul (Reply) the 5 July, 2011

    P. S = I wanted to point out that the sequence of 19 alternating flashes all’ the printer is turned on are repeated CYCLICALLY after a short break in which ONLY the led lights up green for a few seconds, then resumes flashing again for other 19 times and so all’ Infinity.

    The head is OK, all the nozzles are seen against the light perfectly free ( After removing the two small screws and carefully wash with boiling water ) operation is made whenever it appeared the problem of any clogged nozzle and that has always given excellent results.

  80. Paul (Reply) the 5 July, 2011

    iao Erkinson,

    My problem is my CANON PIXMA IP4600

    All’ Turning GREEN and amber LEDs flash alternately on 19 TIMES.

    For this printer is there a RESET or a special key sequence to get into SERVICE ?
    I tried the solutions described earlier in the 3AD but without success, I don't go in SERVICE mode.

    I look forward !!!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 5 July, 2011

      To find the precise number of your mistake there is a dedicated article on the site. “led flashes” try looking there. There is a list of errors (referring to previous models but which could also apply for the IP4600). Have a look there, and then for update.

  81. filomena (Reply) the 28 June, 2011

    Hi I have a canon pixma 1500, the fuel tank is filled and I print more…I tried doing the reser you indicate at the top of the page but nothing….There is nothing on the internet that I designate a procedure more suitable?Or if I try to take it apart, the only damper is what I see in front of them?

    Thanks mielle

    • erkinson (Reply) the 30 June, 2011

      Although sponge clean does not solve the problem… For the 1500 There is a specific programme… In the section of the site “Utility/Service Manual” IP1500 is Tool… Go with that and you'll see!! :-)

      • filomena (Reply) the 15 July, 2011

        Hi I have solved the problem, but now I'm arose another…in practice, the printer will not print in black, in colors, but the Black just no…not even a triscetta anything, the fglio comes up blank…I changed two types of cartridges and nothing…I did the thorough cleaning, checking nozzles…and in effect were clogged, But how come the black won't print color and you?
        It is not that it is a problem related to the first?Or a technical problem….Thank you

        P.S. my printer is a Canon Pixma 1500

        • erkinson the 18 July, 2011

          Unfortunately no… May have damaged only the black cartridge section… (that is separate from the one in color ...)

      • Carolin (Reply) the 18 April, 2012

        hola Ericksson! estoy leyendo tus respuestas a Filomena, que tuvo el mismo problema que yo. pero no sé dónde buscar eso que le dijiste “sección del sitio "Utilidad / Manual de servicio ". es de driver impresora? es parte de tu sitio? me gustaría que me pudieras ayudar…lavé la esponja y ahora sólo me falta poder imprimir!

        Thank you!

  82. Domenico (Reply) the 23 June, 2011

    I have a Canon Pixma MP 780 that hha worked perfettameente for several years until yesterday when I happened as described by SASA53 on this site from (except for the message “non-original cartridges” that has not appeared”

    sasa53 (Reply)
    the 19 January, 2011
    A greeting to all, I wanted your opinion on what happened to me today with my Canon pixma mp800. After cleaning the nozzles (I do it manually every two months) reassembled everything I turned back on and while drew the start setup released me the message NON ORIGINAL HEADS!! Weirdness ... ... whatever I turned off and turned back on and so far ' tutto bene, I do a test print and noted that black was the evil, at this point I decide to do a thorough cleaning from the menu and all of a sudden it turned off by itself and will not longer rekindled!!!! I beg for help to all of you forum to those who happened to such a thing and if there is some remedy. Thank you in advance.

    In Short, It is more on again. We cannot remain without fax and printer, I ran for cover buying a MX320. However, I would hate to send inventory my beautiful MP780.
    Do you believe that, If it is a power supply problem, You can fix without spending too much? How to make?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 24 June, 2011

      I have a MP780 that doopo a series of cleaning and other things that I had done it was off… Removing the head felt a burning smell. Removing the cartridge the printer is lit, then I deduced that the problem was the head… In any case, you can try another PSU… right now I can't remember if I have someone…
      Though, instead of sending all inventory (If you need to) at least keep the Shaver head and put it on sale (If it worked well)…

      • Domenico (Reply) the 25 June, 2011

        Dear erkinson,
        Meanwhile any suggestions thanks.
        If then I am in Bologna, you the Harbour and there take a look.

  83. claudio (Reply) the 7 June, 2011

    Hi erkinson I have a canon ip4200 error code 6500, lights alternate for 20 pulses, I can't reset the printer you can have a help? I thank you in advance, I have done this process turn off your printer.
    Press the Resume button (so to speak, the one with the triangle or the sheet with the arrow down)
    While you hold down the resume button press the power button and hold both about 4 seconds.
    Now, always hold the power button, Let the resume button and immediately rischiacciatelo twice. (you will notice that while you do the printer power led becomes Orange, and then green again). You can leave all buttons. At this point the printer will do the usual power cycle. You are in "service mode"
    Press the resume button four times (This time the led will alternate between Orange and green) and then press the power button. The led will only Flash Green. Have you reset your printer. YOU CAN START PRINTING

    • erkinson (Reply) the 10 June, 2011

      Are you really sure it is 6500?? Long failures usually are the most serious, What are the logic board or other electronic parts of the printer… Try to see in the article about ERRORS if you find something similar…
      But usually cannot be solved with a simple reset. :-(

  84. kiki7894 (Reply) the 1 June, 2011

    j'ai une Pixma MP 260 le voyant allumé connaissez vous toujours orange the manipulation pour faire reset combinaison de touche

  85. Michele77 (Reply) the 27 May, 2011

    Nice Eri, I am in your hands…

  86. Müller Jean-Claude (Reply) the 24 May, 2011

    J'ai une Canon IP4700
    Consommation excessive d'encre!
    Ou trouver ip4700 tools?
    Faut-il faire reset?
    Que faire pour limiter la consommation?

  87. Michele77 (Reply) the 23 May, 2011

    Hello, Master, I have a pixma mp130 printer with the big problem for several days of ink absorber full…I have a pixma mp130 printer with the big problem for several days of ink absorber full????? Thanks in advance…

    • erkinson (Reply) the 23 May, 2011

      I had passed his hands once and I managed with mp130 trouble finding the correct method… But since there had given weight because the printer is not interested me a lot I haven't scored.. I see a little’ around and let you know…

      • Davide (Reply) the 20 July, 2011

        Hello, We did find the disassembly Guide for canon mp130 printer?
        Let me know:)

        • erkinson the 20 July, 2011

          Unfortunately nothing…

  88. Misael (Reply) the 23 May, 2011

    vc sabe como desentupir at cabeça da ip 4600?
    fica grateful if poder mim ajudar

  89. luigi (Reply) the 12 May, 2011

    canon 1500 Unlocking
    Does anyone know where to find the tool to unlock
    http://www.printersiam.com/data/down…ice% 20Tool.zip
    on this site the link is wrong

    Thank you

  90. pablitoaimar53 (Reply) the 6 May, 2011

    I have to thank you for the advice on how to reset the printer when the display shows error 5800. I performed the procedure and now the printer works perfectly except that I would clean the absorbers to prevent the ink exits the printer (If the display has indicated this means that are filled with I suppose) and that is why I would like to take it apart but can't figure out how you do since you don't see screws or other.
    Perhaps from the top ? Thanks a lot

  91. pablitoaimar53 (Reply) the 6 May, 2011

    Canon Pixma IP6210D. How do you disassemble? You don't see screws nor slots can't figure out how to have it built. Thank you

    • erkinson (Reply) the 6 May, 2011

      Unfortunately I have not even ever seen… I can't help you in this case… but for sure there will be some cut in which put a screwdriver to remove any joint.

  92. enzo (Reply) the 31 March, 2011

    I forgot to specify that the IP2600 is connected to a MAC, Anyways so I resolved (If someone interests):
    First I made the printer with this procedure:
    1: Unplug power and USB 2: Open door and hold power button 3.: Connect power
    .4: Close door, then release power button 5: Connect USB and press power to use.
    Then I used the software IPTool 1.1.5 to reset.
    Though, Since IPTool 1.1.5 only works on windows, I open Virtual PC and I downloaded IPTool 1.1.5. Then since IPTool doesn't recognize the IP2600, I downloaded and applied the IP2200 drivers (recognising). Then you give the Waste Ink Reset command and you're done. Close Virtual PC and back to my MAC mode. The printer now works. Now I have to replace or the pad. Hello enzo

  93. enzo (Reply) the 30 March, 2011

    Congratulations for the site. I am struggling with a canon IP2600, ink absorber full, and I can't get into service mode to reset, Although he followed all your advice (and not only, I followed others found on the internet).
    Any suggestions or idea?. Annoys me throw it because’ If I am unable to reset it and’ then useless that disassemble for cleaning pad.
    Thanks in advance and I hope you have a suluzione. Hello enzo

  94. Jhon (Reply) the 22 March, 2011

    amigo primeramente me salio el mensaje de que no los crtucos recocia, asi que la resetee, luego se reparo, pero luego al querer imprimir un documento a mitad de la impresion me asusto con el error 5600. ahora son las luces naranja 5 times and green once can hcer

  95. juan (Reply) the 17 March, 2011

    I have canon pixma ip 4200, and it gives me error flashing yellow and green 20 times in a row.
    Does not respond to nothing is blocked, What can I do?

  96. Hector (Reply) the 10 March, 2011

    Canon mx330 error 5b00 remove you the back cover and the board and I found where it leaves all the ink was full until there is comes a hose to clean it but tells me that the same error on the screen and not runs the commands menu copy scan scan to allow the counter to zero

    can someone help me

  97. Ilario (Reply) the 25 February, 2011

    Thank you, Caro SMONTATORE, Ho risolto il problem dell'errore della Canon Prixma MX 5B00.
    Technical Altro mi aveva inviato a station completely errato consiglio…….
    Ma my pair di capire, reading le richieste di aiuto, Che le stampanti to getto d'inchiostro hanno problemi grossi.
    Therefore, the next is better than buy laser ?
    Laser, printer, photocopier, scanner, by:, colors, Finisher.
    I had thought at the top of the SAMSUNG o BROTHER……….
    What do you think ?

    • erkinson (Reply) the 25 February, 2011

      Inkjet printers have their market due to photo quality prints but if you don't use spent tendency to spoil. With this laser problem there is and, Although a toner costs more or less 65 euro (a single color), have a much greater lifespan.

  98. yeye86 (Reply) the 22 February, 2011

    Hello… I have the problem of 5 Orange flashes (I think not being recognized paper feeders)… I tried to reset the printer but no success! What do you advise me to do??? Thanks a lot!

    • erkinson (Reply) the 22 February, 2011

      Unfortunately, the problem of the five flashes indicates that the cartridge is not recognized. May have broken one or the motherboard…

  99. Luciana Harada (Reply) the 8 February, 2011

    Olá, eu tenho uma canon mp500 (japonesa) and ela está indicating este erro 5B00, do the instructions de líquidos… já tentei de tudo, você pode me ajudar? Na minha cidade não há técnicos para ela e a assistência técnica é muito longe and demora muito…


  100. sasa53 (Reply) the 20 January, 2011

    Thank you “erkinson” for your interest, but I think the failure happened regardless of head cleaning, because this morning I measured the output voltages of the power supply and the same reports calls casing 32 and 24V, While existing ones are 6 and 9V, then sara’ the power party….. We hope that the assistance did not seek a tombola……

  101. sasa53 (Reply) the 19 January, 2011

    A greeting to all, I wanted your opinion on what I’ success today with my Canon pixma mp800. After cleaning the nozzles (I do it manually every two months) reassembled everything I turned back on and while drew the start and setup’ released on NON-ORIGINAL CARTRIDGES message!! Strangeness…… whatever I turned off and turned back on and so far’ all is well, I do a test print and noted that black was the evil, at this point I decide to do a thorough cleaning on the menu’ and all of a sudden it’ off alone and not’ more’ rekindled!!!! I beg for help to all of you whom and forum’ such a thing happened and if there’ some remedy. Thank you in advance.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 19 January, 2011

      With non-original heads I think meant the cartridges. But I never happened.

      In any case try to keep off the wall outlet for at least one night. Maybe the next day rises again.
      Otherwise or there was some short because of some liquid that you used to wash or the power supply is off.

  102. […] If you need the steps to reset the ink absorber counter click here. […]

  103. valentina (Reply) the 9 December, 2010

    Dear disassembler/cleaner,I followed your instructions a couple of months ago and cleaner wipes and ink Lake with special foam . and everything went well until yesterday…now give me back full absorber,I redid the work,but nothing….I have a mp990 1700:How do I disassemble?
    Thank you!

  104. Gianniesse (Reply) the 23 November, 2010

    The information from for the ink absorbers, apply to all models PIXMA? A thanks in advance. Hello

    • erkinson (Reply) the 23 November, 2010

      Generally Yes. Or every printer has an ink absorber. Maybe there can be a different procedure to reset the counter… (in fact for the IP1500, for example, you have to use a special program, or the MP there is a special combination)

      • Gianniesse (Reply) the 25 November, 2010

        Thank you I will try with my Canon IP3300 and then I'll let you know.

  105. John (Reply) the 21 November, 2010

    Thank you for the speed of response, but this morning I managed to fix the problem, I did a realignment required by the program head during the reinstall and everything was resolved.
    Thank you for your information and for the money otherwise thrown to Canon support (I still bought a new printer)

  106. John (Reply) the 20 November, 2010

    Dear Disassembler,
    I have a canon ip 4300 I did the cleaning ink absorber pads as you consiogliato everything perfect, but reassembled the printer can't print more why not load the paper, I use the top loaders, is there any procedure or any sensor that inadvertently I have not positioned well in closing the lid or in fixing the machine body?
    Yours Sincerely.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 20 November, 2010

      Penny. Are you sure you haven't crushed part of the cart that moves and makes fall leaves?? If the truck down works is very likely to be pinched just that piece. When he tries to print makes some noise as if trying to take the sheets? Gives a particular printer error?

  107. MARIO MIX (Reply) the 2 November, 2010


  108. ludwig56 (Reply) the 24 September, 2010

    I have a Canon Pixma MP260, the same has suddenly stopped printing while on
    the display appears the letter P followed by n. 8.
    For the above, I would like to know what should I do to fix the problem.
    I also note that I proceeded to turn off the printer and disconnect the cables, but everything is rilamsto as before. Thank you.

    • erkinson (Reply) the 24 September, 2010

      Just means that the ink absorber is full. Now I do not know the procedure to reset this printer. But besides being reset should be also replaced the ink absorber full.

  109. erkinson (Reply) the 8 July, 2010

    Found on the internet but not tested.

    Reset Counter MP600

    1. Turn off the printer
    2. Press and hold the Resume Button, add a printer an indicator light green.
    3. Press and hold the Power Button, hold Power button while, release the Resume Button.
    4. Hold the Power Button While, double click Resume button and then Release Both Buttons.
    5. Click Resume for Four times.
    6. Once you click Power, to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber).
    7. Turn off the printers.

    In any case, as specified in the article if you don't replace the sponges, sooner or later, your printer might ink.

  110. Gigi (Reply) the 8 July, 2010

    Very Interesting. Do you know how to deal with the MP600?

    • Mario (Reply) the 24 January, 2013

      Thanks for the help “Precious “